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May 2019

Market Watch - The Real Estate Market Is Hastily Warming Up

While most of the Canadian real estate market is still cool, The market in the Greater Toronto Area Is hastily warming up with a substantial year-over-year increase in home sales in April 2019.

Let's Go Green And Help Combat Global Warming

The recent floodings in Canada and around the world are clear signs of the global warming phenomena the scientists have been warning us about. Global warming is shifting rainfall patterns, making heavy rain more frequent in many areas of the country.

Is It Time to Lock Into a Fixed-Rate Mortgage?

One of the most agonizing decisions homeowners make is whether to go for fixed or variable Mortgage. The decision could end up costing – or saving – big bucks on what is often the single biggest purchase many will make. Research shows that, in the past, a variable-rate mortgage has been cheaper than a fixed-rate one. But today’s market is different from decades past in two big ways.

How to Make Your Garage Sales Fun and Profitable

Rather than discarding what you may no longer use or want, a yard or garage sale can help you clear clutter and earn some extra cash. A garage sale can be a profitable and fun way to make sure items you no longer use or want are reused. Holding a garage sale is easy to do and all it takes is some time, a few organizational skills, some marketing and you will be on your way to turning your junk into cash.

How to Protect Your Home from Water Damage?

Water damage, whether caused by leaks or condensation, can lead to wood rot, peeling paint, insect infestation, a shorter lifespan of roofing and siding and higher maintenance costs. It may also cause permanent structural damage to the house and erode its strength.

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